Building an emotional map indoor

After having our project not selected for SideWays 2012, we decided to continue along the same concept, of creating a map based on the emotions people experience rather than the real environment.

But this time, to avoid logistical problems, doing it indoor: we could “collect” the emotions of the visitors of the installation and the way they react to artificial inputs (sounds, lights).

Mirosław Bałka - Tate Musuem

Inspiration comes also from the installation of Mirosław Bałka at Tate Musem

Still many questions are open: first in the concept of the installation itself.
What will the visitor experience? Just the inputs, or will they also see a representation of their emotions?
And will the maps somehow persist, as physical artifacts (prints, infographics, 3D models) or only the people who are present will experience the installation?

But also in the technical field many questions are still unanswered: how to track the “emotions” of persons? How to capture their position indoor (outdoor we planned to use GPS)?

I guess in the next year we’ll have to find an answer to all of these question, both with technical experiments and by confronting ourselves with other artists: for this last reason, we have decided to attend the Académie de Dessin et des Arts Visuels de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, specifically the multidisciplinary experimental research class held by Prof. Geoffroy De Volder.


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