Were it all started

Every blog needs a starting point, and here it is ours.

We are Daniela Panfili and Simone Chiaretta, a UX/UI designer and artist the first and an all-round software developer the latter, and this is our blog about our artistic project called Les Paysages Pulsionnels.

I’m not going to bore you with what our project is about, what’s the concept behind it, who we are, and our single projects (but if you are interested you can always go and read by following the links), but I want to tell you how this all started.

Last year, together with some other friends, we spent a few months trying to come out with a proposal for SideWays2012, a openair art festival in Belgium. We proposed kind of big project, along the same concept of experiencing a personal landscape and perception of surroundings: unfortunately we have not been chosen, but on the long wave of that proposal we decided to bring on the experimentations and all the psychological and philosophical references and start a project on our own.

Actually this is not the first blog post, but we wrote already a few of them, with a small diary of how we arrived till today. If interested you can go back and read about our tests with technology and other stuff.

On a technical note, this blog is hosted on WordPress, and despite having used (and written myself) other blogging engine, I’m really impressed by the easiness of use, and all the options available: the only thing I miss in the hosted version of WordPress is the impossibility of adding custom plugins, but so far everything I needed is here.


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