The Concept

We started by developing the idea of placing a person in the condition of “de-placement”.

When we “travel” and live in another country (and it can be a physical or a soul’s travel through our insticts and fears), we leave what we know to open ourself to a different culture and to a different concept of space. We experiment the condition of being lost, but at the same time we interact with this new space following our instincts.

This experience becomes a dialog between the surroundings, the people and our consciousness. Leaving our knowledge, our logic and letting us being driven by instincts and by senses allows us to release the deepest part of ourself and to build a pure relation with the space that surrounds us. While recovering the ancient part inside us, we also create a different relation with our knowledge and sense of space.

Darkness forces us to focus on the other senses to place ourself in a space.

The better way to let persons “feel” deeply the experience, is to create an interactive space.

This was the beginning of this experiment.


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