Tech Talk

There is a lot of technology involved in this project, but this is not a technology blog, so instead of filling the blog with technology related posts, the articles that might be used as reference (tutorials on Arduino, software projects and so on) are all collected under this section of the site.

Hope this helps out blog staying focused on the project itself, and the trials and errors of its making, while at the same time sharing the knowledge we acquire so that everyone could benefit from it.


No tutorials so far, but a tutorial on using Arduino with the MaxBotix sonars will be available this summer.

Software projects

We have developed a sonar visualization and testing tool (the one shown in here). We think it will help a lot also other people that start working with sonars and arduino. As soon as it’s more polished, we’ll publish the code and write a page about it.

Source Code

Apart from the aforementioned general purpose projects, we’ll publish the code used in our installations on our GitHub profile. There you’ll be able to see the tech behind our installations.